Eyeball Texture Progression
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A Blinn material is used on the mesh with the specularity matched to resemble an eyeball. A black and white ramp shader is placed in the transparency slot defining the transparent and opaque portions of the material.

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A low poly Iris is added behind the transparent portion of the eyeball.

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Iris is smoothed out and assigned a base brown color.

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a flat shaded black cap is added to the back of the iris.

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A three point lighting rig is setup to ensure proper specularity on all sides.

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Photo reference texture is added to the iris.

Jarrod hahn be63a513076585 562707dbdc161

Photo reference of an eyeball with veins added as a texture to the opaque area of the outer eyeball.

Jarrod hahn e0adee13076585 562707dbc79cc

a normal map is created for the veins on the eyeball. This is a little too much, but shows the normal map in action.

Jarrod hahn f16eeb13076585 562708d78de1b

Our bloodshot brown Eyeball ready to sit in the head of our model.

Eyeball Texture Progression

A series of renders that captures the progression of an eyeball being set up for use in a character.

More artwork
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